About SEK

SEK is responsible for standardisation in Sweden in the field of electricity. The organisation also co-ordinates Swedish participation in European and other international standardisation work as a member of the IEC and CENELEC.

SEK is a non-profit organisation operating with the voluntary participation of Swedish authorities, companies and organisations interested in participating in – and influencing – the work on technical regulations in the area of electrotechnology.

Standards in the field of electrotechnology may have to do with terminology, documentation, classification and other general issues. Standards can also involve requirements for measurement, safety, performance or other properties. Finally, they may deal with the performance, testing or use of various kinds of electrical products or systems.

Membership of any of SEK's technical committees makes it possible to participate in ongoing work. Standardisation is an open process targeted at mutual understanding and open dissemination of the results obtained.

SEK provides information about standards and ongoing projects, and the results are available through SEK's own web shop SEK Shop and our network of resellers.

To support the application of standards, SEK also publishes handbooks and technical reports.


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